wedding photography


Everything is special when it comes to you big day. So when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer it is vital that you pick the type of style and pricing range to suit your budget. Picking the right one for you can seem quite daunting. It is important to look at completed albums and not just to rely on seeing the best images they have.

You will get a much better idea of the quality of their work why you can see the work from start to Finnish of the wedding day. If you choose a professional photographer who has a track record in shooting weddings then he or she may charge more as they have to pay vat and tax and public liability insurance. etc.

If you go down the route of booking someone who is just starting out you risk not only receiving shoddy images but also having them as your only reminder of your big day. The bottom line is if your wedding day photography means a lot to you both then book a professional.