Our Story

"The Bold One Co consumer wants something different. They are one of substance, they don't wish to simply blend in. They make fashion forward statements & know exactly what they want when they see it. They are bold in their pursuit for something different to the norm. They are proud to be who they are & are rightly so unapologetically themselves."  -Sonia Gleeson, Director

The creation of The Bold One Collective Limited is a reflection of Sonia's passion and relentless pursuit to discover modern design concepts internationally within the jewelry industry to deliver 'something different'. It is the mission of The Bold One Collective to discover these designs and make them ready available to Bold ones everywhere.

Sonia grew up in the family jewellery trade in Cork and has gained vast knowledge of the jewellery industry. Sonia learned to engrave by hand from her father at the age of 7 so It made perfect sense for Sonia to have her very own personalised jewellery range. Sonia has a true passion for pearls and their unique beauty and is largely influenced by international designs. Sonia believes their is a wealth of fresh designs that are yet to hit the Irish market and she is on a mission to bring them home!

A love for handmade and with a background in IT Sonia is a firm believer in empowering women in business. As a result Sonia works closely with a number of International female designers many of which make their jewellery by hand.

Stay bold!


The Bold One Co x



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