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Who we are?

Smart, Unique & Fashionable Jewellery

Touch of Venus Jewellery has an eye for exquisite jewellery and one off pieces that simply captivate and inspire. Unique and detailed, ultimate designs that will bring doses of glamour to your bridal look.
Say 'YES' to Touch of Venus Jewellery and create your look with the Ireland's Top Leading Supplier, the Finalist of Weddingsonline Awards in the category: Jeweller of The Year 2021 and Finalist in both: Jewellery and Accessory Designer of the Year 2020 in Weddingsonline and also Finalist of Irish Wedding Diary in the category: Wedding Jewellery and Accessories 2020. Partner of Crafters of Ireland.
We are an Exclusive Jewellery Online Boutique, founded with one mission in mind: providing smart, fashionable and unique jewellery and accessories dedicated to everyone with a touch of love and beauty. Whether you choose a classic bridal look or bohemian and vintage inspired, our Jewellery will add a romantic touch and that special sparkle to your bridal style.
Our vision is to help celebrate special Day by complimenting the look with the most luxurious, unique and fashionable jewellery like dreamy back necklaces and exclusively designed headpieces - 90's, classic  vintage inspired with matching jewellery. We want to make you feel more than special by handcrafting one-of-a-kind, inspiring elegant jewellery, capturing stunning elegance, interesting patterns and beautiful sparkling finishing. Our jewellery is made of the finest quality materials, which gives it not only a perfect look, but also makes it lasting and maintains an effective gloss over the years.

Explore a wide range of luxurious handcrafted pieces in different types and styles, which will be a perfect addition to finish off the wedding look to perfection, capturing the harmony, love and elegance in every unique piece.

Create your memories with us you' ll cherish forever.


I would really like to compliment a Touch of Venus Jewellery", the online boutique... from the first contact I made I was treated in a very efficient and professional manner; Adriana really has a very personal touch and it feels like she knows exactly what style you're looking for... she really has been exceptionally helpful and I cannot wait to receive my order... ❤" Brenda K

"I bought a beautiful backdrop necklace for my wedding, it was stunning and it got so many compliments. What a fantastic service A Touch of Venus Jewellery provides! I'm blown away by the customer service and help with my order. I was very late ordering for my wedding and can't believe I had my necklace on time". Caroline W

"I have had a really positive and happy experience with this company! I went to a wedding showcase of their stock and was able to find a stunning back necklace and matching bracelet. There were earrings available to complete the set however I didn’t like the style of them and so Adriana and her team went above and beyond to have a matching pair custom made for me! And at a very reasonable price! The whole process was easy and hassle free and I would definitely recommend buying from them as the pieces are beautiful and the team genuinely want to do whatever they can to find the best pieces for you! Thank you so much Adriana and team! 🙂" Sarah O