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I simply love a cup of tea, with a slice of lemon and little spoon of natural honey. And when I am not immersed in my photography, I surround myself with music, books and friends. Cooking is another great relaxing time for me, oh, and I just adore to travel and visit new and interesting little corners of this beautiful world of ours, and thankfully Ireland has more than its fair share of such little wonders.

For me, my adventure with photography started as a hobby but quickly turned into a deep passion. It can be so exhilarating to look at the world through a lens, and I knew I had to embrace this passion fully, so I went about learning through professional courses and in particular getting guidance and insight through serving some of Corks most well-known photographers.

Soon my passion had wings and I still so love to let it fly.

I’m delighted you have taken the time to visit my Natural Wedding Style & Occasional Photography website and I hope you enjoy the experience.

I really love what I do and I feel very lucky to have turned a passion into a living, so you can feel guaranteed that I will always give you the best of me.



“Agnes felt more like a guest at our wedding than a photographer, she was so friendly, thoughtful and easygoing. I am mesmerised every time I look back through our photos, they are so natural- really fantastic photos full of live, we love them! We highly recommend Agnes at Bracket studio her work is second to none! “ Dionne Casey “Agnes was our photographer for our wedding in December 2017. She was absolutely fantastic to work with, and the photos are truly stunning. on the day, it seemed Agnes was everywhere you looked, but nowhere to be seen. you would never know she was there, getting the perfect shot. She missed nothing! outstanding.” Lydia Grace


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