Wedding Video.


Award-winning videographer Colin Hickey has revolutionized how weddings are captured on film.

With a new modern twist, Orchid Pictures blends the style of a Hollywood movie with the traditional 'old school' wedding video to create a MOVIE of your big day.

Hip, fun and funky; Prepare for something completely different!!

Colin Hickey was born in Cork where he resides today. He attended the London Film Academy where he graduated with a Diploma in Filmmaking in 2004. Having completed his study, Colin worked in the film industry in London. He specializes in camera work, editing and directing. As well as working on a number of award-winning films, Colin has produced corporate and wedding videos across the globe including Ireland, England, Australia and Colombia.

Colin’s vision as a wedding videographer is to create a fresh and unique document, capturing all the important elements of a couple's wedding while enshrining those personal and unrehearsed moments that truly make it your day. As an unobtrusive observer of the big day, Colin ultimately produces a fun, fly on the wall style wedding video that is both unique and timeless.